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Tuesday, April 3, 2018

IRON BORN .vs. Cookies

(Extracted from My profile on http://darebee.com )

 IRON BORN .vs. Cookies!!

Greetings and Salutations,

I'm personally on a 100 day challenge, to workout twice a day, obtain licenses and certifications I've wanting, read books on character building and NO Cookies!

Robert Greene's book help tremendously! With character building, strategy, power and seduction. The 30 day challenges and workout programs on here are great, I just finished IRON BORN today. Before I was using an app and would just choose 2 routines from there. Working on the licenses, some will be difficult due to recent events in society. But the biggest problem, is the Cookies, I haven't had 1 since Jan 15th, maybe even the 28rh, pretty sure it's the 15th though. I Love Cookies, them things is delicious. (Those things are delicious... I know, the poor grammar was set to accentuate the severity of My delight) Undoubtedly, I have an addiction to peanut butter chocolate chip cookies. Not the peanut butter chips, but you know, peanut butter cookies with dark chocolate chips in them. Especially fresh baked just right, all soft, moist and gooey...makes you just wanna bury your face in it and devour each morsel individually! Some occasions I get intense cravings and just grab a cookie and crumble it up and smell My fingers. I really want one bad, and after completing IRON BORN, I kinda want a prize or something. "Oh you just finished IRON BORN, wow, what do you want a cookie?"

Yes! Yes, I DO!!! But My will power is too strong, I tell people I gave up cookies for "lent", really won't be able to indulge until May 3rd. I don't know which one is harder, completing IRON BORN or turning down cookies.... hundreds of them have been offered.... hundreds!

Thanks for letting Me share

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

What seems to be the issue, Batman?

Samurai Batman pursues the ronin Joker in 16th-century Japan.

Well seeing as how  Batman is a Ninja....

Samurai Batman in his ceremonial attire.

Unless Batman is in a Samurai disguise, (that clearly has Batman symbol on the chest of)...
he wouldn't be attending any ceremonies as Batman.

The Batman of Gotham 2054.

Don't really have a problem with this. Except.... If it's 2054 wouldn't it be an electronic cigarette?

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Wake Up Ready

Shh... Don't Correct Me, Just Let Me Vent

Dollars made of cents, when you need em they can smell your scent
But when you late tryna pay the rent, they holdin out their mitts
Ain't no type of hints, they want to feel every penny, makes no sense
Nobody care what you gotta do, what you goin through, Just get it
Hurry back with it, bring extras to, We want somebody gifting
Not too many try to acknowledge that they were gifted
If talents harnessed and worked on they could be up lifted
Then that struggle part of the grind could meet remission
To keep it off tap into your crafted Discipline
Then the minutes seem to turn into a Million
But then a Million minutes turn to a zone that you shifted in
None stop grinding and hardwork piling
But you keep on pushing til it feel like you flying
Going through all that plus more yet smiling
Because you made your own lane, floating on a clouds silver lining
I just need that one behind Me, This something to put belief in
Possibilities become limitless, Rapid succession of achievements
Looking back laughing at those days of striving and beating
The odds now it appears that all obstacles have been weakened
Paint a Masterpiece and for the faith you had in Me you get More than Half the Piece